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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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Xink is the sinking variant of Gink. Considered on of the best sinkants on the market.

Apply to nymphs, wet flies, and leader to get you down to were the fish are!

Why Xink? What are the advantages, really? Consider the following.
A lead-wrapped nymph will:

1. Go slower than the river current passing by. It is dragging because the nymph's specific gravity is grossly separated from the density of water.
2. A nymph dressed with just Gehrke’s Xink will sink just as fast, if not often faster than a nymph with lead wraps in it.
3. The nymph that is lightly dressed with just Xink will tumble along in a current more naturally than a lead-weighted one. Often, our customers catch 3 fish for every one compared to the old method. Lead weighted flies also tend to ride up side down and unnaturally.