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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!
Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


If you love to fish, then you have come to the right spot. We have the largest range of fishing lures and accessories in stock that we will have you hooked. We stock all the major brands including Jackall, Shimano, Daiwa, Duo, OSP Lures, Berkley, Zman, Samaki, Bassman, Spinwright Lures, Millerods, Codger, JD Eddy Lures, TT Lures, Rapala just to name a few. We have rods, reels sunglasses and bait so if you are in the deep water, salt water, or even the freshwater, we have got you covered for all your fishing and accessories needs. We can also spool reels of all sizes from your spin reel to your game reels using mono or braided line.

Your Go-To Fishing Store in Victoria

Ready to cast off?

At Rehfisch & Co., our passion for fishing is matched only by our commitment to providing anglers with the finest selection of fishing gear in Ballarat. Whether you're just getting started or a seasoned pro, our fishing shop in Victoria is stocked with everything from the latest rods and reels to the essential tackle and bait.

Why Choose Our Fishing Shop?

Quality Fishing Gear in Ballarat

We understand the importance of reliable fishing gear. That's why our fishing store in Victoria offers top-of-the-line products from leading brands. Every item in our inventory is selected for quality and performance, from durable fishing rods to precision reels.

Are you looking for something extra? Explore our thermal optics and gun scopes at the H Rehfisch & Co. gun shop.

Expert Advice for Anglers

Our knowledgeable staff are not just employees but avid fishermen who love to share their passion. Whether you need advice on the best gear for your next trip or tips for fishing in the Ballarat area, we're here to help.

Explore Our Wide Range of Products

Tackle Shop Essentials

Our tackle shop in Ballarat is your one-stop destination for all fishing tackle needs. With an extensive selection of hooks, lines, sinkers, and lures, we have everything you need to make your next fishing trip successful.

Fishing Gear for Every Angler

Whether fishing in freshwater lakes or the open sea, our fishing shop has the gear to suit your needs. From lightweight rods for trout fishing to heavy-duty gear for battling larger catches, our range caters to all fishing styles and preferences.

Specials on Ballarat Fishing Gear

Every angler knows the thrill of the catch. At H Rehfisch & Co., we believe in offering that same excitement through our fantastic monthly specials – hunt for qualityfishing gear in Ballaratat unbeatable prices.

Whether it's the latest rod technology, reels that offer unmatched precision, or tackle that could make the difference on your next trip, you might discover what you've been missing at a price you never expected. The best deals last only briefly, and with our specials constantly updating, there's always something new to hook.

Enhance Your Experience with Advanced Gear

Are you going on a more extended fishing trip? In addition to our wide range of fishing equipment, we also offer advanced gear to take your fishing experience to the next level. Visit our camping shop and hunting shop pages for swags and more information on fully equipping yourself for the outdoors.

Contact our team today for extra advice!

Visit our Ballarat Tackle Shop Today

Ready to gear up for your next fishing adventure? Visit Rehfisch & Co., your trusted fishing store in Victoria. Our friendly staff are here to assist you in finding the perfect fishing gear in Ballarat, ensuring you leave ready to tackle any challenge the waters may present.

Remember, whether you're a beginner looking to cast your first line or an experienced angler seeking to upgrade your gear, our fishing shop in Victoria has everything you need. Stop by today and see why we're the top choice for fishing enthusiasts across Ballarat and beyond.


What Makes Rehfisch & Co. the Best Fishing Shop in Victoria?

Rehfisch & Co. stands out as one of the best fishing stores in Victoria due to our extensive selection of top-quality fishing gear and accessories. From the latest rods and reels by renowned brands like Shimano and Daiwa to a wide array of fishing lures from Jackall and Spin Wright , we cater to every angler"s needs. Our commitment to quality and performance, along with our knowledgeable staff who are passionate about fishing, ensures that every visit is informative, making us the go-to destination for fishing enthusiasts in Ballarat.

Can I Find Gear for Different Types of Fishing at H Rehfisch & Co.?

Absolutely! H Rehfisch & Co. offers a varied range of fishing gear suitable for all types of fishing, whether you"re into deep water, saltwater, or freshwater angling. Our inventory includes lightweight rods for trout fishing, heavy-duty equipment for larger catches, and everything in between. Plus, with our expert staff ready to assist, you'll find exactly what you need for your next fishing adventure, regardless of where it takes you.

How Can H Rehfisch & Co. Enhance My Fishing Experience?

At H Rehfisch & Co., we believe in enhancing your fishing experience through quality gear and advanced equipment such as thermal optics and gun scopes for those who enjoy combining fishing trips with hunting. Our monthly specials on fishing gear provide the opportunity to upgrade your equipment at unbeatable prices, ensuring you"re always equipped with the best gear for making those memorable catches.

Why Should I Choose H Rehfisch & Co. for My Fishing Gear Needs?

Choosing H Rehfisch & Co. for your fishing gear means selecting a store that values quality, variety, and expert advice. Our Ballarat tackle shop is stocked with everything from basic tackle essentials to advanced fishing equipment, catering to beginners and seasoned anglers. With regular specials, a wide range of products, and a team of fishing enthusiasts to offer advice and support, H Rehfisch & Co. is your trusted partner for all your fishing adventures.