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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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With Sufix Super 21 Fishing line, mono traditionalist will love the super low stretch properties. Super 21 has up to 21% less stretch of competing mono from other brands. Such low stretch ensures great fish hooking properties. You will be less likely to miss a hook up again due to mono stretch. Low stretch at strike is critical as fish will take any opportunity they can to throw hooks, and stretch in your line presents the perfect opportunity.

Providing superior knot strength and superior shock strength Super 21 is ideal for casting lures and natural baits. The 300 meter spools ensures there is more than enough line to pack your favourite reels. Because of the tiny line diameters across the range, you will probably be able to load more Super 21 onto your reel than you would a comparable mono from a similar category. This is perfect for chasing the larger species that tend to be a little stubborn about turning for the boat.

Features and Specifications

Manufactured with high viscosity nylon
Only 21% stretch which is about half that of other mono lines
Colour: Clear
Superior knot and shock strength
Designed for use with baits or for lure fishing
Line Diametre: 6lb/0.18mm, 8lb/0.2mm, 10lb/0.25mm, 12lb/0.3mm, 15lb/0.35mm, 20lb/0.4mm, 30lb/0.45mm