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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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VibeFreak 732

7'3" 2pc (1pc blade with detachable handle)

Med-Fast action

Recommended line 3-6kg

Ideal lure range 7-21gm

The latest Fuji Fazlite KR multi-guide train (8+1 with #5 smallest size)^

Custom anti-tangle Hook Keeper

Complimentary Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve

This unique action is suitable for a multitude of applications, and ideal for the primary techniques of fishing lipless crankbaits (‘vibes) in both hard and soft styles, and medium sized soft plastic lures rigged on jigheads.

These two lure fishing techniques are extremely popular in both fresh and salt water, and now there is purpose-designed rod that fishes them with maximum effectiveness!

The VibeFreak is also ideal for a range of species including freshwater river and lake targets of bass and golden perch , and saltwater river and estuary species such as large flathead, mulloway, snapper and threadfin salmon.

The length of the VibeFreak adds a high degree of versatility, allowing for long casts in open waters such as lakes and estuaries, but also short enough in the tip length to fish many fish with an almost vertically under the front of the boat.

This tip length gives excellent lure control for all the popular retrieve methods of these typs of lures; ‘twitching’,’shaking, lifting and ’whipping’ are all easily made with the VibeFreak!

The 2pc blank construction with removable handle means that transport and storage is now extremely easy.

The multi-guide train of the latest Fuji Fazlite KR guides in sizes down to #5 runs true and easy, further enhancing the overall smoothness of this rod performance.

Ian’s trademark Control Freak style skeleton handle is super comfortable and also enhances the amazing sensitivity of this rod. The Fuji KSKSS seat is set atop a blue carbon barrel, and the locking hood includes a small custom-shaped x-firm EVA in the Millerods signature style blue Camoufish pattern, which assists with the techniques commonly employed to fish vibes and soft plastics. All finished with the ‘M’ logo anti-skid butt cap.

^Millerods recommends the use of the FG knot for connecting braided fishing lines to monofilament leaders. All Ian’s lure casting guide trains are selected with this connecting knot in mind.