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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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Salty Barra Long Cast 632

6'3" 1pc blade + detachable handle

Fast action

Recommended line 6-10kg

Ideal lure range 12-45gm

The latest Fuji Slim ring SiC guide train (9+1with #7 smallest guide size + #8 tip-top size)

Custom anti-tangle Hook Keeper

Complimentary Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve

The high-performance Millerods Salty Barra Long Cast is now available in the production line-up!

This is one of Millerods most versatile and popular barra rods - and we've upgraded and updated it for this release!

Fine-tuned for longer casting of your favourite barra lures – either soft plastic or hard-bodied – for both river and impoundment situations, it’s a great length, action and power for combining casting accuracy with casting distance, and fish extraction in tough structure.

This latest blank is designed with a detachable handle to make it user-friendly for the travelling angler while the 1pc 'blade' gives maximum performance.

The balance of this new Salty Long Cast is incredible! This makes it perfect for any finesse presentations such as hopping and slow-rolling soft swimbaits, as the tip actually 'floats' upwards in the hand, meaning the rod actually positions itself ready for 'tip-up' retrieves.

The tip is so sensitive, you simply won't miss a bite and you'll be able to tell exactly what is going on with the lure during the entire retrieve. And it's also ideal for surface presentations and of of course twitching bibbed lures.

With an easy casting tip action, and a positive blank taper that unleashes the ‘down-low’ fighting power, the 'Salty LC' has a great reputation for many saltwater and freshwater situations.

This rod performs with braid lines with mono leaders*, as well as ‘straight-through’ monofilament lines of either FC or nylon. The KW guide train uses Fuji’s latest 'Slim Ring' SiC ceramic with stainless steel frames for corrosion resistance.

Ian's own custom designed and exclusive anti-tangle hook keeper is positioned exactly where you need to keep your lure secured between stops.

The Salty Barra incorporates Ian’s latest ergonomically styled casting handles, comprising Fuji ECS reel seat with a custom carbon locking hood, and custom shaped x-firm blue Camoufish EVA, all finished with the ‘M’ logo anti-skid butt cap. This handle gives the angler a comfortable and positive grip for the rigours of barra lure casting!

*Millerods recommends the use of the FG knot for connecting braided fishing lines to monofilament leaders. While the Salty Barra is fitted with an oversized tip-top to assist smooth line flow on and off the rod, all of Ian’s lure casting guide trains are selected with this connecting knot in mind.