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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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FlatsFreaK Ultra-Light Spin 792

7'9" 2pc centre ferrule (2 equal length sections)

Multi-loading action

Recommended line 1-3kg

Ideal lure range 1-6gm

Fuji Titanium T-SiC ‘Slim Ring’ T-KLSG 10+1 guide train (smallest size #4.5)

Custom Millerods anti-tangle Hook Keeper

Complimentary Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve

Looking for the ideal rod to use in a variety of light and ultra-light open water applications? Here it is – the Millerods FLATSFREAK – another of Ian Miller’s exclusive custom designs that’s now available as a production rod, delivering bona-fide high performance and finest quality!

This rod has origins in the NSW southern coastal lagoons. The margins of these lakes are often shallow flats, and the waters clear. The fish are wary.

A variety of lures were used for these fish including lightly weighted and unweighted soft plastics, as well as hard bodied lures both surface and diving so the rod design needed to have a versatile blank action.

Early on, Ian realised that these fish needed to be approached from a distance and his quest to cast longer began. Quickly, he found the shorter rods available just didn’t cut it… and thus his first ultra-finesse ‘long cast’ rods were designed!

When a lure is presented at a distance (whether shallow or deep), a longer rod also has superior line control and lure manipulation. So when the fish moved deep, sinking lures including blades were able to be used on the very same rod. Simply put, the rod excelled when fishing flats both shallow and deep, and with a variety of lure applications.

Since then, the fish haven’t changed. Lures have improved to become more effective and this FlatsFreak ULS rod model is the fine-tuned evolution of Ian’s early custom designs. It is lighter, has more advanced blank and handle designs which helps with balance and sensitivity, and improved guide train.

The KR multi-guide train consists of 10 guides plus tip-top in Fuji’s titanium frames to provide tangle-free operation, corrosion resistance and lightness. The ceramic is Fuji’s latest ‘Slim Ring’ SiC which further enhances smooth performance. The semi-micro sizes fish both FC lines and braid with mono leaders equally well.*

The FlatsFreaK ULS incorporates Ian’s ‘Control Freak’ style handles, which enhance sensitivity and provide comfortable casting over long sessions. Comprising Fuji SKSS reel seat over a blue carbon barrel, custom-shaped x-firm EVA in the Millerods signature style blue Camoufish pattern, and all finished with the ‘M’ logo anti-skid butt cap.