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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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The Millerods FinesseFreak has a long and proud history in our bass fishing arena as a custom made rod, with anglers taking out several Tournaments while using them!

The landscape of bass fishing in Australia is changing. As the influence of bass techniques from the USA bass fisheries takes hold, our own approach to fishing is changing.

Ian realised that the time was right to improve the design of the original FinesseFreak and by creating this production rod he was able to make the subtle modifications required to take this spin rod to the next level!

The FinesseFreak is ideal for all small bass lures, especially Beetle-spins, small spinnerbaits, top-water lures, soft plastics and hard-bodies. The length of the FinesseFreak has always been a strength of the design, allowing for long casts and excellent lure control which has made the rod a mainstay for lake fishing bass anglers.

Ian has now made this rod even longer, and with a slightly longer handle, the casting distance achievable has been increased as has the comfort of fishing while making repeated long casts – or employing other vertical methods such as drop shot, suspended soft plastics and even spoon fishing.

The 2pc blank construction with removable handle means that transport and storage is now extremely easy.

The multi-guide train of the latest Fuji Fazlite KR guides in sizes down to semi-micro runs true and easy, further enhancing the overall smoothness of this rod performance.

Ian’s trademark Control Freak style skeleton handle is super comfortable and also enhances the amazing sensitivity of this rod. The Fuji SKSS seat is set atop a blue carbon barrel, and custom-shaped x-firm EVA in the Millerods signature style blue Camoufish pattern, all finished with the ‘M’ logo anti-skid butt cap.

^Millerods recommends the use of the FG knot for connecting braided fishing lines to monofilament leaders. All Ian’s lure casting guide trains are selected with this connecting knot in mind.