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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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The Leapers UTG Monopod with V-Rest and Camera Adaptor allows you to mount your camera or firearm at a variety of heights for consistent aim with every shot. Excellent for all terrains and surfaces, this Monopod from Leapers is equipped with heavy duty non-slip rubberized foot pads which allow you to move from one surface to another with ease. Including adapters for changing the Picatinny mount into a V-Rest or a Camera mount, the Leapers UTG Monopod Set lets you use one piece of equipment in multiple ways. With three leg extensions for sitting, kneeling, or standing, the Leapers UTG Adjustable Monopod appeals to your comfort. For the best shot with a camera or shotgun, you'll love using your Leapers UTG Monopod and Adaptors.