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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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The Exceler rod range is the result of over two years in development. The concept? To produce a rod that behaved like any normal graphite light tackle rod but had the durability of a much heavier fibreglass rod. The tubular linear fibreglass tip of the Exceler is the perfect blend of durability and action.

Picking up an Exceler for the first time, you may be left fooled by the rod's crisp and responsive feel but take a closer look at the metallic pearl blue tip section and you’ll notice the tubular linear fibreglass construction. The use of linear fibreglass cloth in this section is important. Normal 90-degree cloth does not have enough stiffness and so it can’t achieve a feel similar to that of graphite cloth.

For the rest of the blank, HSD graphite produces a crisp and light rod, whilst the use of a Daiwa proprietary reel seat means you won’t find anything quite like Exceler anywhere else. Offered in an assortment of the most popular spinning rod actions, Exceler will be the perfect choice for the novice angler, children, or for any purpose where accidental high-sticking would leave a graphite rod in pieces.

Outfitted with Fuji Fazlite stainless steel framed guides, Exceler is ready to take the punishment you’re willing to dish out.