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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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Make baits tougher and enhance the bite!

The success of this product has become legendary in the USA. Old timers use rock salt, but a rock salt brine cannot compare to the benefits of using Brine 'N Bite. Like rock salt it toughens your baits, but unlike rock salt it infuses your baits with powerful amino acids that magnify the smell and flavour of your baits, triggering an impulse in a fish's brain to feed.

Brine 'N Bite tightens the scales of the bait and helps keep baits fresh longer. Many anglers have realised that with Brine 'N Bite you can save your baits and fish them over the next few days. Brine 'N Bite is completely compatible with all of the Pro-Cure Bad Azz Bait Dyes, allowing you to brine and dye your baits.

Initially used as a brine, many anglers are now sprinkling Brine 'N Bite onto their baits dry. The salts and amino acids marinate in just fine, but you get a much tougher bait than the brine method. This is critical when fishing anchovies or sardines, as they are usually much softer than a herring. If you are trolling in heavy currents or tide rips, or trolling really fast, and you need a super tough herring, try the dry method. You will be impressed.