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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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Bent minnow heats up surface game by action and silhouette that transcend normal lure which is created only by appropriately bended body. This action is one and only and quite different from normal lures which swim by water receiving lip. Bent body is really effective, for example, by just letting it float on the water it reproduces dying minnow and creates a lot of fish bite from amazingly wide area. If you twitch, it creates real flashing and quick dart that is different from straight body. That is 3D action neither angler nor fish can understand which to dart. Quick and continuous twitch creates desperately escaping action of bait fish chased by bass. That means Bent minnow meats any kind of situation on the surface of water from dead sticking to fierce escape action with highest level. So Bent minnow 106 is the only one bait that follows original action and improves the appeal power to the big bass, and demonstrates special tempting power on the surface of the water.