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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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SwimFreak POWER 782

7'8" 1pc blade (+detachable handle)

Smooth/Multi-loading action

Recommended line 7-15kg

Ideal lure range 25-90gm

The latest Fuji Fazlite KW multi-guide train (12+1with #6 smallest size)^

Custom anti-tangle Hook Keeper

Complimentary Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve

The SwimFreaK POWER is the latest addition to the comprehensive range of Ian's Aussie designed swimbait rod line-up. In the context of the Millerods swimbait rod range, this rod sits just below the BeastFreak in terms of casting weight power.

Primarily designed to fill the void for a swimbait rod that casts a light lure easily, yet still has tons of fish-fighting power, the SwimFreaK POWER just does that, being able to comfortably cast small swimbaits even under 1 ounce, yet be able to effectively fish structure-dwelling heavyweights such as Murray cod and barramundi.

"The original US SwimFreak model is a great rod with an action that's smooth as silk, but as it's a bass rod, it just doesn't have the power we need for our bigger predators. After Carl and I fished Blowering Dam last season and I did well on a 2oz Molix soft swimbait, I realised that I needed to design a better rod for casting this smaller type of lure but still retain stopping power for big fish. The SwimFreak POWER is that rod! I'm pretty excited about this one and I'll have it on the deck this season ready to go with that smaller swimbait for when a finesse presentation is needed... and it's going to be perfect for barra using the popular small swimbaits too!"

Light in weight and evenly balanced, this sensitive rod gives amazing feed-back and is perfect for any 'tip-up' lure retrieving technique as very little effort is required to fish for a long session. This makes it ideal for all the popular 'slow-rolling' retrieves that are so effective with small soft baits. And the 2pc design with detachable handle makes transport and storage a breeze.

The multi-guide train of Fuji 'KW' Fazlite guides runs true and easy, further enhancing the overall smoothness of this rod performance and is suitable for both braid/leader or FC lines fished 'straight through'.^

Ian’s trademark Control Freak style skeleton handle is super comfortable and also enhances the amazing sensitivity of this rod. The Fuji SKTS seat is set atop a blue carbon barrel, and custom-shaped x-firm EVA in the Millerods signature style blue Camoufish pattern, all finished with the ‘M’ logo anti-skid butt cap.

^Millerods recommends the use of the FG knot for connecting braided fishing lines to monofilament leaders. All Ian’s lure casting guide trains are selected with this connecting knot in mind.