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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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BladeFreaK RB 661

6’6” 1pc

Fast-Medium action

Recommended line 3-6kg

Ideal lure range 10-25gm

Conventional Fuji Fazlite (11+1 multi-guide train with smallest guide size #6.0)^

Millerods Custom anti-tangle Hook Keeper

Complimentary Custom Millerods Rod Sleeve
Ian Miller’s love of freshwater river lure casting – particularly for wild bass in the eastern streams – shows no sign of slowing and the river has again provided inspiration for this exciting new rod design!

The BladeFreak RB is ideal for soft plastics and designed primarily with spinnerbaits in mind. Previously as a custom made to order by Ian, a similar model was the preferred option for the spinnerbait specialist when casting for wild bass in our rivers. This updated production model has undergone two seasons of development for fine tuning, and the spinnerbait approach to wild bass fishing is once again gaining popularity.

With a ‘medium’ power rating, the classic 1/2oz spinnerbait is perfect on this rod which features a fairly fast action. An easy-casting tip with a fairly powerful lower half that loads in a positive manner provides perfect timing for setting the ‘J’ hook used in such lures.

Perfectly balanced in the hand and with a length of 6’6”, the BladeFreak RB is ideal for both accuracy and slightly longer range river casting. The blank is super sensitive, and together with the skeleton reel seat you can feel whether or not the spinnerbait blades are working properly. The x-firm custom shaped blue Camoufish EVA makes for easy-going, comfortable casting. And while light in the hand, the BladeFreak RB has plenty of authority for landing big bass amongst the riverbank cover!

Casting, retrieving and fighting are all as smooth as possible because the line slides so evenly over the 11+1 multi-guide train.