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The Jackall TN50 Hard Body Lure is one of the most sought-after lipless crankbaits on the market, and that is because they out-fish comparable lures. The 9-gram weight will give you long casting range, so you can cover more water and cast into those hard-to-reach areas. Golden perch absolutely love TN50s in the 50mm size, and they will also catch redfin, trout, bream, flathead and an array of other species. The lure stands vertical on rest, which will elevate the treble hooks away from snags or weed, so if you are fishing in challenging environments this should be your go-to lure. This lure emits a vibrating noise when retrieved which will attract any nearby fish. When using these lipless crankbaits, you need to impart a life-like action to the lure. Cast out and let the lure sink, and then hop the lure up and down off the bottom during the retrieval. To do this, lift your rod tip sharply and then allow the lure to sink back to the bottom, and wind up the slack line. They swim erratically on the drop, so they are sure to get the attention of any nearby fish. Repeat this process and you will have a fish on in no time!