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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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Possibly the most exciting way to catch a fish after topwater is on a jerkbait. The Squirrel67 is probably the benchmark of Bass and Golden perch Jerkbaits in Australia. It dives to a little over 2mtrs on the cast and is perfect for light baitcast and spin gear. The action of this lure is what pulls the fish in. A tight vibration on the roll comes through the rod tip then that darting action when twitched and the tantalising suspend when paused. Strikes usually come while twitching or on the pause. Our realistic paint work, eyes and body scales pull strikes when the squirrel is sitting still. Perfect balance and action mean this lure will not blow out when violently twitched to elicit strikes.

Tips from Harry Watson– When fishing shallow water I’ll start twitching the squirrel from the start of the retrieve so it doesn’t hit the bottom.

On steeper sloping banks or where the weed drops into deeper water I’ll make maybe 4 to 6 turns of the handle to get the Squirrel to depth before I start twitching. Depending on the mood of the fish I’ll twitch constantly all the way to the boat or have long pauses between twitching. The fish make the rules !

Jackall Jerkbaits are finely tuned and won’t blow out when twitched hard which is what a lot of fish like !