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Designed by Jk Kawashima, a renound Japanese lure designer. This new bait will be released in September just in time for Spring.

The Jackall Kawashima Jointed Minnow has been designed to match the hatch when it comes to small bait fish. This hybrid hard soft lure features a hard front half and soft jointed rear portion. this coupled with small wake style bib gives this lure an action that must be seen to to believed.

The buoyancy of both sections of this lure restrict its diving depth making it perfect for fishing over oyster racks, sand flats and weed beds without the fear of getting fouled up. If slowly retrieved the lure will stay on the surface producing a subtle wake and wiggle with the soft tail. If wound a little faster the Jointed Minnow will dive just bellow which can help to convert weary fish that will not commit to hitting the surface.

These lures will be dynamite on any fish that preys on smaller bait fish. Keep your eyes out at your local tackle stores.