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Orders over $100 ship for FREE!!


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Bog Pod Super Steady Saddle Bag Rest unfilled

Made of high density nylon to hold up in harsh conditions
Two, velcro-secured side pockets to hold weight/filling
Exterior mesh pocket for holding extra ammo, camera lens cover or BOG-POD accessories
Removable, aluminum base plate which can be directly secured to various surfaces with screws or zip ties
Rubber mat on bottom prevents saddlebag from slipping
Weighs approximately 16oz with mounted USR
Included in package:

Nylon saddlebag with two, velcro-secured pockets
Universal Shooting Rest that swivels 360 degrees and is rubber covered to prevent damage to gun stocks
Adapt-a-pod for mounting any BOG-POD quick-change accessory
Heavy duty plastic bags for use with your choice of filling

Perfect for use in the following situations:

On ground or bench rest
Over square tube railing
Over vehicle door
In window of hunting blind