SHIMANO Saragosa 10000SW

Brand: Shimano

Title: Default Title

This is a gutsy and durable saltwater spinning reel family, now with substantial component upgrades, many of which are also found on the flagship Stella series. Featuring X-Ship encased in a hybrid aluminium and XT7 graphite body with an XGT7 rotor, the Saragosa SW delivers remarkable cranking power with less effort and a smoother feel. X-Shield and X-Protect keeps salt water out of key areas, while the Cross Carbon drag is also waterproof. In fact, it is capable of dialling up anywhere from 10 to 20 kilos of hurt on your quarry, depending on the reel model

  • crank_power_v1_m56577569830888801.pngHIGH CRANK POWER RATING
  • drag_power_range_v1_m56577569830879902.pngDRAG POWER RANGE (KG)
  • Retrieve_range_v1_m56577569830879904.png97-113 RETRIEVE RANGE (CM)
  • cast_rating_v1_m56577569830879900.pngHIGH CAST RATING
  • weight_range_v1_m56577569830879906.pngWEIGHT RANGE (G)
  • drag_type_v1_m56577569830888802.pngFRONT DRAG
  • key_feature_v1_m56577569830879903.pngX-SHIP
  • bearings_v1_m56577569830879899.png5+1
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