Sako 85 Grizzly 30/06

Brand: Sako

Title: Default Title

The Sako 85 Grizzly adds prestige to the Sako Bear Series. Its high-grade walnut stock, medium-contour fluted barrel and blued action give it an elegant appearance and make it a pleasure to handle.


Sights and barrel

The 85 Grizzly has rapid target acquisition iron sights with a full rear sight line and bead, and a fluted barrel with a swivel band.


The Grizzly, Black Bear, Brown Bear and Kodiak are purpose-oriented weapons for bear hunters. All four Bear models feature adjustable fast target acquisition iron sights and a detachable staggered two-row steel magazine with TLC, preventing unintentional magazine release. All can be top-loaded and have controlled cartridge feed, an adjustable single stage trigger and a barrel band for front swivel – plus mechanical case ejection. They are also equipped with integral dovetail rails for secure scope mounting.


= as standard, + = as option
Action S M
Total length (mm) 1045 1055
Barrel length (mm) 540 540
Weight (kg) 3,5 3,6
Open sights
Single stage trigger
Single set trigger + +
Detachable magazine
Magazine capacity 5 5
Other features    
Fluted barrel
Action S M
Caliber / rate of twist / number of grooves
308 Win / 11” / 4
7x64 / 10" / 4
30-06 / 11" / 4
8x57IS / 9.5” / 4
9.3x62 / 14" / 6
9.3x66 Sako / 14" / 6