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The Uniflow Powder Measure throws consistently accurate charges reload after reload. Powder pours uniformly from the measuring cylinder and into case, thereby eliminating the hazards of overloads caused by clogging when charges are dumped. The unit changes easily from charge to charge without emptying powder hopper. Note: The Powder Measure should be used in conjunction with an accurate powder scale for setting the original charge and for checking charges occasionally during the run.
Numbered measuring screw is used for reference to find a given charge at a later date
The measuring cylinder has precision ground surfaces and slides into the honed main casting for a precision fit
Standard 7/8-inch–14 threads
Stand plate is drilled for easy mounting on a bench or under a reloading die lock ring
Includes two drop tubes for 22 caliber and up
Capable of accurately measuring all three major powder types—ball, cylindrical and flake
Cuts cylindrical powders so a precise charge can be obtained