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Night Tech Stealth Series Thermal Monocular

Meet our new Stealth Series Monocular range, with built-in photo and video recording showcasing 1280 x 960 HD screens and Wi-Fi connectivity on all models. Some models also have the option of higher resolution 640 x 480 sensors and the proven and superior image quality of our propriety XST sensors. This great new range of Thermal Monoculars have been developed for a variety of applications including the outdoors, hunting, marine, security, law enforcement and surveillance.

XST Technology

XST Technology combines superior VOX sensor technology with advanced image processing algorithms which means you can detect objects at greater distances and identify them with better accuracy. Enjoy class-leading performance with images that are up to 3 times sharper and more sensitive than other thermal products on the market.


Simple and easy to use

High-resolution 1280 x 960 pixel HD display

XST Technology providing exceptional image quality and clarity

Thermal detection ranges out to 2,500 metres

Rugged, reliable and built to last

Multiple thermal colour pallets including black, white, red hot and colour mode

Wi-Fi capability for live streaming, data transfer via Android and iOS App

Hot spot tracking

Stadiametric rangefinder for object distance detection

High image refresh rate of 50Hz

Low F numbers of F1.0 to F1.2 to allow maximum IR light on to the thermal sensor for the best possible image quality Specifications


Stealth Series Model XD35 XD50 XD50 Pro XD65 Pro

Magnification (approx) 1.75x -7.0x 2.5x-10x 1.5x-6x 2.0 x-8.0x

Sensor and processor XST Technology

Display resolution 1280x960 HD

Detection range (man) 900m 1250m 1250m 1800m

Detection range (deer) 1250m 1750m 1750m 2500m

NETD, mk <50

Frame rate 50Hz

Resolution 384x288 640x480

Comparable focal length* 35mm 50mm 50mm 65mm

Pixel size, ?m 17

Field of view 14.9?x11.2? 10.7?x8? 7.7?x13.3? 12.4?x9.3?

F Number F1.0 F1.0 F1.0 F1.2

Objective lens size mm 25mm 35mm 35mm 50mm

Thermal palettes 4

Battery Internal USB rechargeable

Battery life (power saving) 4.5hrs 4hrs

IP rating IP66

Weight (without batteries) 450g 520g

Dimensions (mm) 181x65x64 186x65x64 186x65x64 202x65x64

Data interface Wi-Fi / App

External power supply Via USB cable, includes charging

Wi-Fi Included

Stadiametric range finder Included

Video recording Internal 8GB photo and video

Conformance CE / RoHS

Warranty 2 Years