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Double Swag - Twin Homestead
Part Number: HSTSS
Want the ultimate camping swag for two people?

After much development our all new Homestead twin stretcher swag is ready to go. So what's so good about the Double Homestead Swag?

By putting the swag on the integrated stretcher frame and combining it with a 40mm high density foam mattress you'll get the best nights sleep you've ever had in the bush.
Because the mattress doesn't need to be as thick, the Homestead swag packs up smaller than a traditional swag which needs a much thicker mattress as you are lying on the ground.
Our patented design allows you to detach the frame from the swag meaning you have two smaller bags to carry rather than one large bag. The separate swag and frame both also come with FREE heavy duty carry bags.
With our unique pole system you don't need to put pegs into the ground, all of your pole and rope points go into the stretcher frame for quick and easy set up.
The new fly system keeps your Homestead swag cooler in summer and dryer in winter making our swag much more comfortable than any other swag.
The twin homestead swag is 225 x 158 cms meaning you have heaps of room for two people to stretch out and its also suitable for really tall people.
As with all our swags there is massive airflow through our extra large midgee proof flyscreens.
The Homestead Twin swag is accessible on both sides.
The Homestead swag also sets up without the stretcher frame if required.
As an optional extra we have also developed a custom fit swag sleeping bag to especially fit the twin Homestead swag.
This swag is made from high quality materials including 13oz canvas.
Weight rated to 250kg