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QUEEN Stretcher
Part Number: KKQDS-STR

*Please note: This listing does not include the stainless steel turnbuckles required if using this product for a couple. The turnbackles are sold seperately. Customers wishing to use this stretcher as an extra large single stretcher will not require the turnbuckles.

Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Set: Click Here

Our new Patented Double camp stretcher is a break through in camping product design. This Patented new design, now allows you to have a double stretcher bed with no pole down the middle!!!

By use of our patented tensioning strap, we now have a product with no dividing pole, yet with enough support that a couple will not role into each other while sleeping...

Also we have divided this double stretcher into two compact carry bags, meaning this extra strong stretcher is not too heavy to cart around (main bag is 19kgs, second bag is 8kgs).

Made from heavy duty steel, this double stretcher is rated to 200kgs for warranty purposes (max 120kgs for any one partner), and comes with a 2 year warranty.

This camp stretcher is also designed to match up with our queen size Kulkyne swags (225 x 150cms), allowing you to have an extra large double stretcher swag with no centre pole!!!

Our Double Stretcher comes with holes in the frame to accomodate our swag poles, integrating the swag and stretcher together. We also supply two spring rods with the stretcher which holds out the end flaps of the Queen swag without ropes and pegs, they also come with our heavy duty Kulkyne carry bag to match our swag carry bags.