Humminbird ONIX 8cxi SI CrossTouch Combo

Brand: Humminbird

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ONIX 8cxi SI CrossTouch Combo

CrossTouch™ internal GPS Combo with Side Imaging, Down Imaging, and DualBeam PLUS™ and SwitchFire™ Sonar

The ONIX8 SI CrossTouch™ Combo features a large 8.4” display with LED backlight. It has Side Imaging, Down Imaging and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) DualBeam PLUS™ with SwitchFire™ sonar, sporting up to 8000 Watts PTP* power output. GPS Chartplotting with Humminbird® TriFuel™ Cartography that gives you access to world background maps from Navionics®, C-MAP™ and Humminbird® Auto Chart. ‘Combo’ in the title ensures that it’s equipped with an internal Precision GPS antenna and capable of operating as a Chartplotter for maximum versatility. Includes unit cover.

Maximize your angling experience with the Humminbird® ONIX8 SI CrossTouch™ Combo.

Precision GPS


Get unparalleled GPS technology out of the box.

All Combo models have a Precision GPS receiver standard. The Humminbird® Precision GPS receiver, standard on 300-1100 Series™ Combo models, provides fast position fixes accurate within 2.5 metres.  Precision GPS provides more accurate position fixes than the industry standard GPS.

Ethernet Networking


It’s the ultimate in customisable interconnectivity. Simply connect two units with one of our watertight Ethernet cables and you get capability and convenience of sharing sonar, GPS information, waypoints, routes, tracks and even temperature. With our no hassle Plug and Play technology, Himminbird is simply, clearly, better.

  • Find the content you want faster. Humminbird® high-speed Ethernet lets you share sonar, GPS, waypoints, Radar* and more between compatible units.
  • Instantly puts critical information at your command, anywhere on the boat.
  • Compatible with new Humminbird® 700 HD, 800, 900 and 1100 Series™ models, plus Ethernet-equipped legacy models.**


Digital Signal Processing


Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is mathematical data manipulation technology. Sonar products produced by Humminbird® use transmitters and receivers that produce actual analog sound pulses and bounce them off objects, such as suspended fish and the bottom, and these analog signals must be converted to a digital format using an Analog-to-Digital converter in order to be understood by the sonar processor.

That’s when the real magic of DSP technology can be used. DSP utilizes advanced computer algorithms to manipulate the (now) digital data to filter, reduce noise, finely tune and enhance sensitivity of sonar data which equals a clearer screen, greater target separation, and more productive fish finding.

Trifuel Cartography


No one understands your mapping needs better than you. With groundbreaking TriFuel™ Cartography, the Humminbird ION and ONIX Series deliver exclusive access to Navionics®, C-MAP® by Jeppesen® and Humminbird charts. World-base maps from all three chartmakers are built into your ION or ONIX unit. For richer, detail and advanced features, select the chart SD card for your region. By giving you the option to choose the map that best meets your fishing and navigation situation, we’re taking chartplotting to uncharted territory.

Xtreme Depth


Reach a new low. Xtreme Depth™ finds fish and habitat other sounders can’t touch, thanks to a low-frequency, 50 kHz beam that goes deep and wide with a maximum range of 914.4 meters. Meanwhile, the precise, 200 kHz beam delivers high-accuracy returns of baitfish, gamefish and the bottom profile. View the beams separately or side-by-side for a complete picture.