Daiwa Steez


Brand: daiwa

Size: 3012H

Daiwa chose the Steez name so that it would reflect the philosophy behind the fishing reels: Style with ease. Steez Spinning Reels look effortlessly stylish and sophisticated, while they also powerful and simple to use. Years of development and innovation have resulted in this exciting new range of Steez Spinning Reels.

The new wave of spinning reels come at a time when Steez is already the dominant force in tournament fishing. This proves that Daiwa is not a fishing reel brand willing to rest on its laurels. The company saw that its Steez EX Spinning Series could be improved and then they did something about it.

Zaion is a cutting edge material now used in the EX series. Daiwa has constructed the body and rotor of EX reels in zaion because it is stronger than the magnesium alloy design of the prior range.

In addition to their robust strength, the Daiwa Steez fishing reels are also very lightweight and resistant to corrosion. This is fantastic news if you are an angler that likes to alter between saltwater and freshwater. These spinning reels can give you the freedom to transcend both fishing grounds.

Daiwa Steez Spinning Reels are capable of resisting corrosion because of Daiwa’s mag seal technology. Mag seal protects the integrity of the reel by creating a bond between the dry shaft and the rotor. This prevents any water from coming into contact with the ball bearing and damaging the reel.


Features and Specifications

  • Model: STEEZ EX3012ZH
  • Gear Ratio 5.6 / 1
  • Line Retrieve 95cm
  • Ball Bearing 12 +1
  • Weight: 245g
  • Max Drag: 7kg
  • Spool Capacity PE 1.5 - 200m, 2.0 -150m
  • Spool Capacity Flouro: 12lb -150m, 16lb -100m
  • ABS II
  • Air spool
  • Air Bail (seamless)
  • Aluminium body cover
  • Aluminium machine-crafted handle
  • BB Tournament Drag
  • Corrosion-resistant ball bearings (CRBB x 7)
  • Handle knob made in coated cork
  • Line clip for shock leader
  • Machine-cut Digigear 11
  • Mag sealed technology on line roller
  • Reel stopper
  • Rotor brake
  • Silent Oscillation
  • UTD Drag (Ultimate Tournament Drag)
  • Zaion air rotor
  • Zaion-constructed body

Finding a matching fishing rod for your Steez Reel: The Steez 3012 is best suited to fishing rods rated between 2 - 5kg line class and ranging from 1.8 to 2.4m in length there are several rods in the Daiwa Battler AGS, Black Label and Tournament Master Interline series that would match this reel.

Benefits and Advantages

The zaion construction of the Daiwa Steez fishing reel increases the strength compared to the last generation of models. Enhanced strength and power are both excellent reasons for upgrading to the EX series.

Zaion also enables the reels to be remarkably lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Daiwa has developed spinning reels that can adapt to the conditions you want to fish in – choose saltwater or freshwater as you please.

Air Bail is a signature design where the bail is constructed out of hollow steel for impressive rigidity and a lightweight feel. The sleek design of the Air Bail also helps to prevent your line from snagging.

Daiwa has incorporated the Digigear feature to create a mesh between surface-treated alloy gear and marine bronze pinion gear. Digigear combines with dampening washes to create the Silent Oscillation feature of Steez Spinning Reels.

Magnetic sealant technology has been utilized to create a protecting bond between the dry shaft and rotor.

UTD Drag has been designed to combine ultimate fishing power with smooth inertia to guarantee impressive fish-stopping power.


The EX series of Steez Spinning Reels is packed with Daiwa’s signature features – you’ll love the light but powerful feel of these highly durable reels. Get ready to tackle fishing challenges in all conditions and grab yourself a Daiwa Steez Fishing Reel.

 All sizes available, call for price.