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Unfortunately we are unable to allow the purchase of this product online. This may be due to shipping or legal reasons. If you would like to purchase this product, please give the store a call or fill out the contact form below. Please note - Firearms can be purchased over the phone and shipped interstate, but must be collected in store or sent to your local dealer.

The new Diana Outlaw is an impressive sporting precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle that delivers levels of performance and features at a very affordable price. The Outlaw sports an easy side-lever cocking and loading system that cycles the multi-shot magazine and sets the adjustable two-stage trigger. Very good accuracy is provided by a special barrel and breech system and velocity is controlled by a precision air regulator.

The Outlaw's regulated action provides very impressive consistency and shots per fill off the air cylinder. A colour coded pressure gauge displays the state of air charge and the rifle includes a probe style filling adapter.

The Diana Outlaw's action is fitted into a walnut-stained German beech stock with checkered grip panels and a comfortable soft rubber butt pad.

Servicing is minimal with only a required drop of lubricant on the side lever every 2000 shots. Cleaning of the air rifle's rifled barrel is so easy; you simply unscrew the barrel from the breech to enable full access for cleaning.

The new Diana Outlaw is suited for target or field duty and comes with a trigger block safety.


Precision pressure regulated action
Multi-shot magazine
Easy side-lever loading arm
Fully shrouded barrel
Adjustable trigger
Ergonomic woodstock with checkering
11mm dovetail optics rail

Max. Velocity: (.177 - 1050fps) (.22 - 985fps) (.25 - 920fps)
Max. Energy: (.177 - 22ft/lbs) (.22 - 35ft/lbs) (.25 - 45ft/lbs)
Mag Capacity: (.177 - 13) (.22 - 11) (.25 - 9)
Max. Pressure: 250bar - 25MPa - 3620PSI
Air Capacity: 210ml (210cc)
Constant Pressure Valve: Yes
Barrel Length: 460mm (18.1")
Overall Length: 965mm (38")
Weight: 3kg (6.6lbs)
Stock: German beechwood