Daiwa Exceler


Brand: Diawa

Combining many of Daiwa’s latest technologies with stylish looks and contemporary design the Exceler DX delivers on price and delivers on performance to be one of the standout budget priced reels in the Daiwa range.Daiwa’s performance-delivering Digigear gear technology ensures ultimate gear precision, smoothness and integrity. Daiwa’s first generation of digitally engineered gear design, Digigear ensures a perfect mesh between ultra-tough alloy drive gears and marine bronze pinion gears, for optimized speed, power, durability and smoothness.

The Exceler DX’s utilisation of Daiwa’s design innovations doesn’t end there with the game changing Air Rotor providing enhanced looks, design and performance. Air Rotor is as light as air and as strong as steel, and delivers balance, weightlessness and strength like never seen before for ultimate reel balance and performance.

The Exceler DX’s ABS spool provides trouble free casting, with its reverse taper spool enabling greater line control and increased casting distance, with unwanted line loops and tangles reined in to ensure optimum casting and line management performance. Twist Buster and Air Bail also work seamlessly together to manage and feed line unencumbered and untangled onto the spooled, allowing for increased line pick-up and maximum casting distance.

While ABS, Twist Buster and Air Bail control line during the cast and retrieve, Daiwa’s Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) provides unrivalled line control during the fight, and delivers silky smooth start up and faultless drag pressure under load. From the lightest drag setting to a fully cranked up drag UTD and Exceler DX is flawless in every way.

Lighter, stronger and more balanced and sensitive than any rotor system that’s come before, ‘Air Rotor’ features a Zaion made, precision engineered arch that provides exceptional line roller support and disperses pressure to the lower section of the rotor to reduce stressing and flexing.


  • Digigear
  • ABS spool
  • Air Rotor
  • Air Bail
  • Twist Buster II
  • Ultimate Tournament Drag
  • Model Gear Ratio #Ball Bearings Wt. (g) Drag Pressure (kg) Spool Capacity
    2000 4.8:1 (64cm) 4+1 235 2 2.7kg/125m, 3.6kg/100m PE 1/200m, 1.5/150m
    2500 4.8:1 (72cm) 4+1 265 4 2.7kg/190m, 3.6kg/155m PE 1.5/200m, 2/150m
    3000 4.8:1 (79cm) 4+1 310 6 3.6kg/220m, 4.5kg/185m PE 1.2/350m,2/250m
    4000 4.8:1 (87cm) 4+1 365 6 4.5kg/270m, 5.5kg/240m PE 2.5/300m, 3/250m