For strength, action and barrels are made from selected chome-molybdenum alloyed steels. 
All Miroku shoguns have actions forged from a single piece of steel thereby guaranteeing fundamental structural integrity. 
The nitride finish on the action and the blueing of the barrels increase their resistance to wear, corrosion and other signs of ageing. 

Each load-bearing part also undergoes a thermal treatment which further enhances the gun's durability. 
Miroku barrels are internally chromed, except in the choke area, which allows the owner to adjust the choke as required. 
Standard models have an «old silver» finish and all are engraved, whilst the higher «luxury» Grades have profuse hand-finished engraving, continuing a centuries-old tradition. 

For all Miroku shotguns, quality is constant, their strength is legendary and they are safe in operation. 

In the hand, their balance is perfect, and as one has come to expect from Miroku, the finish is impeccable. 

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Miroku Sporter MK70

$1,965.00 $1,595.00

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