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Made of tough reinforced 4 ply laminate paper, with 10 rings (2 white, 2 black, 2 blue, 2 red, 2 yellow) 10 scoring zones, with the innermost yellow ring divided into two rings with the inner ring for the indoor compound division.

These faces are long lasting and durable due to the texture of the ply. These toughened faces are known worldwide for their quality and durability. Made with very strong and durable paper pulp and thousands of nylon fibres are woven into the face to create a water and tear resistant target. This unique combination lasts four times longer than any other standard paper targets.

Official FITA approved, tournament quality faces, are known around the world and have set the standard for Olympic, International and Club Competition.

Bjorn are the ideal heavy paper faces for target, practice, leisure and indoor club use. Required for use in FITA Target Tournaments. Bjorn Tough Target Face 40cm.