Back in 1970, Pete Shepley used to receive a lot of good-natured ribbing from his fellow product engineers at Magnavox Corporation about his devotion to designing archery related equipment during his lunch hour. Today, Pete heads the largest privately owned archery equipment manufacturing company in the country, devoting all his time to the development of the most advanced compound bows and related equipment ever produced.

In the early days, Pete experimented with new ideas for bow release aids, developed a plastic, flexible arrow vane to replace feathers, and eventually turned his design capabilities to the perfection of his first compound bow. This first bow was introduced to archers at an Indiana tournament. Within a week, he received orders for 200 just like it. The following two weeks he saw an additional 700 requests from across the country, simply from word-of-mouth advertising.

Born with humble beginnings in a 700-square foot building in Mahomet, Illinois, PSE was one of the first five companies to obtain licensing under the Allen Patent for compound bows. Of the original five, PSE is the only company still manufacturing compound bows.

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